The Food Technology Study Program (TP) is developed based on science and technology in the field of food processing, handling agricultural products, improving nutrition and entrepreneurship. TP students are directed to be able to master knowledge about food analysis, process control, food safety, physical and chemical properties of food, during the handling of raw materials, processing, preservation, storage and marketing so that it becomes a quality production (nutritious, healthy, safe and halal). Students are also equipped with knowledge about product development in accordance with consumer needs, such as products rich in antioxidants, high in fiber, functional food and others with high economic value.

 During college students are provided with soft skills through extracurricular activities so that they are able to develop their abilities in working in the community and industry. Graduates of this study program work in the food industry that manages agricultural products (agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries and plantations), in departments (education, cooperatives, trade, agriculture, industry, bulog, health, and banking), supervesior food in hospitals / hotels / companies, retail food products, waste management, and can become reliable entrepreneurs.