Food Technology Department

Food Technology is one of the department under the Faculty of Agriculture-Animal Science, University of Muhammadiyah Malang. The Food Technology Department has received Excellent (Unggul) Accreditation from BAN-PT in 2022 (click here to download certificate in Bahasa). The Food Technology Department has 15 lecturers with various fields of expertise, including Post-Harvest Technology, Food Production Process Engineering, Functional Food, Nutraceuticals, Pigments, Halal Products, and so on. Further explanation can be seen in the following video.

In 2022, the Food Technology Department has launched a Professional Class, namely the Center of Excellence "Chocolate Professional Class" which involves the role of practitioners in the chocolate field to provide lectures to students who are members of the professional class regarding chocolate from upstream to downstream. The practitioners we involve in this professional class as lecturers consist of founders and CEOs of chocolate companies, chocolate researchers, and chocolate farmer activists. The introduction to the Chocolate Professional Class for the Food Technology Department can be seen in the Center of Excellence menu.

“Preparing a New Generation, Practical, and Professionally According to Industry Needs in the Functional and Halal Foods”

Food Technology Department has collaborated with the Business and Industry and related Professional Associations in the learning process. The collaboration is proposed to position the industry as one of the stakeholders who can be involved with curriculum preparation, formulation of graduation achievements, skill improvement through Focus Group Discussions, internships, joint research, or collaboration in food processing (food manufacturing), quality control and analysis, or research and development.

Food Technology Department has human resources (students) who are ready to be fostered, field experts (lecturers), and several facilities that can be used as the initial steps for colaboration. Finally, this proposal is a form of friendship but is a prospectus for the sake of providing education that is in accordance with the needs of the community and industry in the real world.

The pandemic actually became a good opportunity for graduated Food Technology Department. This is related to the "Specific Characteristics of Department", namely functional and halal food which aims to create food or drink that has a physiological side for health. One thing that is visionary, has opportunities in industry and entrepreneurship. The community's need for experts, practitioners to create food or drinks that can prevent disease/immune boosters is a definite prospect for career opportunities for graduate. 

In the future, the department will continue to develop cooperation with business and industry as well as professional associations to assist students until SURELY GRADUATED ON TIME, DEFINITELY INDEPENDENT.