Guide to Internship

            Internship are carried out for students of at least semester 5 and above who have completed a minimum of 105 credits and have taken courses in Processing Unit Planning, Industrial Sanitation and Waste Treatment, and Quality Control. PKL can be held every end of semester holidays. The duration of the PKL implementation is 2-3 months. Students look for/select street vendors independently or in groups. Students can also choose PKL partners from industries/companies that are partners for practicum locations or previous PKL partners in the study program. Here's the link for the previous street vendors (Click Here)

         Internship Guide can be viewed at the following link (Click Here). PKL submission by making a proposal according to the following template (Download), and a cover letter to PKL partners (Click Here) submitted independently (type and print yourself) and initialed by the Head of Study Program before being submitted to the Faculty and filling in the PKL submission link (

         After completing the PKL, please download the following PKL Report template (Download) and submit a PKL seminar, after that fill in the link to the PKL results seminar (

This is the control card for the Internship seminar attendance list (Download)

Internship Log Book (Download)

Administrative requirements for Internship (Form A1 - A11) (Download)