Value Equivalence and Conversion

This is a guideline for the implementation of the Equivalence program for student work in the Academic and Non-Academic fields which was prepared with the intention of supporting university policies with the existence of a "UMM Pasti". With the equivalent conversion of student work, it is hoped that students will be more motivated to achieve achievements while undergoing lecture activities. Having compiled this SOP, the direction of alignment of the academic and student affairs of the UMM FPP can be carried out properly based on the Dean's Decree Number E.6.1/182/FPP-UMM/II/2021. Whereas this decision applies to all active students of all generations. The following is the Equivalence SOP, Submission Form, and also the Submission Flow
Guideline for Equivalence of Creative and Innovative Works  Students of the Faculty of Agriculture - Animal Science (Download here)


Student Creative and Innovative Equivalence Submission Form to Final Project (Please type it yourself):
  1. Entrepreneurship Competency Activity Equivalence Form (in Bahasa) (Download)
  2. Entrepreneurship Activity Equivalence Form (in Bahasa) (Download)
  3. PKM-K Activity Equivalence Form (in Bahasa) (Download)
  4. Scientific Writing Competition Equivalence Form (in Bahasa) (Download)
  5. Outstanding Student Equivalence Form (in Bahasa) (Download)
  6. PIMNAS Equivalence Form (in Bahasa) (Download)
  7. Innovation Work Competition Equivalence Form (in Bahasa) (Download)
  8. External Competency Certification Equivalence Form (in Bahasa) (Download)
  9. IPR Work Equivalence Form (in Bahasa) (Download)
  10. Speaker Equivalence Form in Scientific Meetings (in Bahasa) (Download)
  11. Publication and Scientific Work Equivalence Form (in Bahasa) (Download)
  12. Student Writing Equivalence Form (in Bahasa) (Download)


The following is the flow for filing equivalence and value conversion: