Graduate Profiles

The following this are the Graduates Career of the Food Technology Department:

Food Manager

Able to study and analyze problems in the field of food technology both regionally, nationally and globally, as well as solve problems/problems in the field of food technology using procedures in accordance with applicable regulations.

Food Entrepreneur

Able to respond to needs and innovate food services/products independently or in collaboration with other people/institutions to produce food services/products with the principles of safe, healthy, and halal based on local resources.


Able to apply the principles of food technology in the food industry, especially in product and process innovation based on quality management and green technology.

Food Technology Academic

Able to communicate food technology to the user community and have the potential to continue their studies to a higher level or professional education to become professional academic staff who have personality and responsive.


The tracer study results of graduates of the UMM Food Technology Department can be seen in the following image: