Vision and Mission


Becoming a leading institution in providing education, development of safe and halal food technology, and management of community service based on Islamic values for social and environmental welfare


  1. Providing high quality education to produce bachelors in the field of Food Technology who are religious, professional, and independent
  2. Increasing research in the field of Food Technology that is safe and halal to support the implementation of quality higher education
  3. Increasing community service activities in order to disseminate safe and halal Food Technology
  4. Increasing and developing cooperation with various parties, both on regional and international level


  1. Producing Islamic, reliable and competitive graduates who are able to communicate with all levels of society
  2. Developing research in the field of Food Technology that is safe and halal.
  3. Producing and disseminate knowledge of science and technology for safe and halal food to improve people's lives
  4. Realizing and developing cooperation with other parties in the regional, national and international scope