The UMM Research Team Uses Corn Hair Waste to Become Dips Rich in Benefits

Thursday, May 25, 2023 21:59 WIB   Program Studi Teknologi Pangan

Saturday, 11 February 2023 | 15:00 WIB

Source: KompasTV Malang

Corn silk it's not gonna be unused waste anymore. A group of researchers from the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), managed to turn it into a drink rich in benefits.

The UMM Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry explained that the results of the team's research showed that corn silk is a functional food.

"The benefits that have been tested are antioxidants. High antioxidant drinks can provide results as an immune booster," explained Head of the Vritta research team Amroini Wahyudi.

She added, making this drink is quite easy. After washing and drying, corn silk is roasted until it changes color, then crushed into powder.

The production of this corn hair dye drink has been carried out by the residents of Sragi Blitar Village. Waste that is normally disposed of is now of high value, and has succeeded in improving the local community's economy. Sold from IDR 10,000 per pack, this drink continues to be developed.

One of them with the addition of ginger essence. This product has also been registered with the household food industry or PIRT.